A Little Bit About Dave Kupernik...

As a descendant of the famed renaissance mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, it is only natural that Dave Kupernik, a modern-day renaissance man in his own right, would create an innovative and remarkable board game – Dual Bet Poker Plus. The game play is fast-paced and exciting, effectively combining the thrill of a Texas Hold’em style poker game together with the adventure and twists of a classic board game. Whether you are a poker fan, board game enthusiast, or someone just looking to enjoy a game among friends, Dual Bet Poker Plus delivers a fun, enjoyable experience.

Dual Bet Poker Plus can be played by as few as two and as many as 4 players and requires each player to successfully navigate two games simultaneously. An easy card by card gamble, for example, is belied by its impact on the final results which is to develop the best 5 card poker hand. Along the way, players will engage in multiple ways to win, making Dual Bet Poker Plus exciting for all players, regarding of age or understanding of poker.

Whether playing with family, friends or work colleagues, everyone will be able to use their strategic thinking skills, creative maneuvering, i.e. bluffing skills and luck, in playing and enjoying the fast-paced action of Dual Bet Poker Plus.

On a personal note, Dave and his team are passionate about supporting first responders as well as the military. Dave founded the ‘Play for Heroes Foundation’ which receives a portion of the profits from Dual Bet Poker Plus. You too can be a part of supporting of America’s heroes in a meaningful way.

Shall we deal YOU in?