How To Play

 Thank you for tuning in to Ku Per Nik Enterprises; I'm going to give you a brief overview on how to play our newest and most exciting game yet Dual Bet Poker Plus.

Dual Bet Poker Plus is easy to learn and fun for the whole family.
And for you seasoned poker players out there, you finally have a chance to up your game. Can you still win the poker hand while navigating a challenging “game within the poker game”. The five seemingly simple High Card Bets are belied by their impact on the final poker hand. You’d better be thinking 3 steps ahead.

Are you ready? Great, time to learn Dual Bet Poker Plus…..

The objective of this faced paced, interactive game is to: Win as many of the five “CARD BETS” as you can, while developing the best possible poker hand to win the big poker pot.

The card bets are individual bets on what are called Face Down Cards. A player bets card by card based on two thought provoking strategies; One, do I believe my Face Down Card is likely higher than the other player’s cards dealt in the same position? Two, do I want to be able to use this card in the development of my poker hand.

Each player’s poker hand is developed using any combination of their own Five Face Down Cards, that only they can see, and the five Common Area cards dealt face up in the center of the playing area.
Let’s deal a hand!

The first FACE DOWN CARD is dealt face down in the first position on the bottom left of each player’s game mat. Each player looks at their FACE DOWN CARD. You don’t want the other players to see this card until the end of the game when CARD BET winners are determined.
The player in the first position, the first person to the left of the Dealer, has the option of betting, passing or folding. As an example, an Ace works great as both a likely Card Bet winner and a valuable part of a poker hand, so plunking down a healthy bet on the first Card Bet Marker would be a good idea. Were I to end up with a 2 perhaps I might fold this card, However, if I do that, I’d be subject to one of the unique aspects of Dual Bet Poker Plus, that card would not be able to be used in the development of my poker hand!

Let’s continue to see how a hand develops with four players.
The first Face Down cards are dealt around the table in a clockwise manner starting with the player to the left of the dealer, the first player bets/ passes or folds on their first card and each player then responds to the actions of the other players. Normal Poker betting rules apply. These bets are known as “CARD BETS”.

The next card is dealt face up in the COMMON AREA. Now we’re betting on the potential 5 card poker hand we think we can develop using our Face Down Card and the Common Area card. The bet for this is placed in the respective “HAND BET” Marker on the game mat. These bets are known as “HAND BETS”. If you like your odds of building a good poker hand based on your Face Down Card and this Common Area Card, you’ll place a bet on the Hand Bet Marker. And now the other players respond.

The pace moves quickly through the next four rounds of action which mimic the first round we just described.

Now it’s time to see who wins!

The FACE DOWN CARD winner(s)are determined first – Beginning with the first FACE DOWN CARD on the left side of the game mat, each player turns that card face up, as long as that card was not folded during game play, and the player with the highest card in that position wins that CARD BET.

In our earlier example of getting an Ace you’d either win or tie any other Ace. When you win you get the chips in the first CARD BET Marker position on all the other player’s mats.

This process is repeated for each of the five FACE DOWN CARDS.
Next up, who wins the POKER HAND! Let’s see who has the best poker hand… The cards call themselves and the player with the best 5 card poker hand, using any combination of a player’s Face Down Cards and the Common Area Cards, wins and gets all the “HAND BETS” from all other players. (remember, a card with a FOLD chip on it is not eligible to be used in a player’s poker hand.)

The game can be played in a number of ways including elimination style using the included accelerator die. The accelerator die is rolled every 20 minutes and it doubles or triples the minimum for the Card Bets. Hand Bets do not have a minimum. (See the rule book for more on this and other nuances of Dual Bet Poker Plus.)

The accelerator die makes this a great game for tournament play!

It's time to deal a hand to see if you can Navigate, Calculate and Conquer our latest strategy game.