Dual Bet Poker Plus final production sample has arrived!

Dual Bet Poker Plus sample

The final sample of Dual Bet Poker Plus just arrived in our facility and we are thrilled to share these photos of it with you! It looks amazing. For those of you who have seen the prototypes, you will notice quite a bit of change.

The storage tray has been redesigned to improve access to the game pieces and for more secure storage while you carry the game from place to place.

The chips and mats have new colors as well. The prototype used sample material the factory had on hand, but now we have created our own custom molds and colors and you can see how awesome they look!

Completion of the first production run is still on schedule for early June and we expect the games to arrive at our facility in late June, early July.

We couldn't be happier with the quality of the product and are eagerly awaiting the day we can ship your game to you so you can see for yourself that it is awesome!

Dual Bet Poker Plus sample set up

Here is the Dual Bet Poker Plus sample set up in our home studio.

Dual Bet Poker Plus box interior

Here is an up close view of the game in the storage tray.